Welcome to Foret Blanc Dessert Store, a next milestone in our f&b journey. Our flagship store is located at Petaling Utama Avenue which also serves as our commercial production facility . Our store offers a white minimalist interior with cosy ambience and sunlight filled. It is a place you can count on to enjoy desserts over teatime, to capture Instagram worthy shot and simply to celebrate a special occasion. 

We strive to continuously offer our customer an innovative dessert dining experience. Our proudest creation, the Freezy Bowl is a gourmet ice cream with creative outlook and consist of different elements that combine different textures and boastful flavours. 

Our Banana Leaf Waffle V2.0 is an original creation that celebrate local Indian flavours reinvented into modern fine dessert. It is a must try if you a fan of savoury sweet!

Our store also offer wide selection of ready-made desserts and pastries such as French cakes, homemade ice cream, waffles and plated fine desserts. We have artisan coffee, tea, mocktail,and fresh juices to pair with your dessert.  Whether you a looking for a fancy dessert dining, daily coffee fix, something on the go or tea time with friends, you know you can certainly count on us. 



Foret Blanc is a French translation of ‘white forest”. It is a combination of both of our founder’s Chinese surname. Foret Blanc was founded in year 2014 by Alex Lim and Kenny Peck with pure love for delicate French pastries. 



Our journey started back in our humble kitchen home space when we begin experimenting with French cakes (entremet).

Inspired by the innovative flavour and tecniques from recipe books published by French chef, we experiment for continuous period of 6 months before successfully launching our first range for French entremets.

Our creation, the baked Lemon Cheesecake and L’Opera has gained positive respond from the crowd. Due to space limitation, we have moved to our commercial production kitchen located at Petaling Utama.

We started supplying our cakes and desserts to cafes and restaurant. We moved on to offering designer cakes and pastry for events and celebrations.

Our latest venture is our dessert store, mainly selling our gourmet ice cream (Freezy Bowl), waffles, French cakes,homemade ice cream and plated fine desserts. We also have artisan coffee, tea, mocktail,and fresh juices to pair with your dessert.